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API Products by Series

    list by function

205L Discrete Direct Input
212L Discrete Mic Pre
215L Discrete HP/LP Sweep Filter
225L Discrete Channel Compressor
235L Discrete Channel Noise Gate
L200PS Power Supply for 500V / 200R, 1 per Rack
L200R 12 slot 200 Series Rack (requires L200PS)
2B1 200 Series Blank Panel, 1 slot

Classic Consoles
512c Discrete Mic / Line Pre
525 Discrete Compressor, Re-Issue
527 Compressor/Limiter
550A Discrete 3 Band EQ
550b Discrete 4 Band EQ
560 Discrete 10 Band Graphic EQ
500-6B 6 slot lunchbox® with built-in Power Supply
500VPR 10 slot Rack with Power Supply
5B1 500 Series, 1 slot Blank Panel

A2D Dual 312 Mic Preamps with Digital Output
2500 Stereo Compressor
3124+ Discrete 4 Channel Mic/Line Pre, plus DI
3124mb+ 3124+, w/ Stereo Mixer plus Transformer Bal Outputs
5500 Dual 550 EQ's with Range Switch
The Channel Strip The Channel Strip
8MX2 Compact, powerful 8 X 2 X 8 Mixer/Mic Pre

Legacy All Discrete Console
Legacy Plus All Discrete Console
Vision All Discrete Surround Mixing and Recording Console
1608 Recording Console