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Songwriter pays tribute to a friend using an API Legacy Plus

API is active on Twitter (@ThisIsAPIaudio), and one recent post from producer and engineer Travis Ball caught our eye. Travis is working on a recording with Bailey Rankin, a student at Belmont University studying commercial voice. The team went to Sound Emporium in Nashville to record on its newest addition- an API Legacy Plus console. What they were recording, however, is really noteworthy.

Here's what Bailey tells us about "Riley's Song":

"I wrote it to sing at my friend Riley's memorial service. Riley and his younger brother, Dylan, both have a developmental disability- which eventually led to Riley's death in January. He was an amazing person, and an inspiration for my home town of Anderson Township, a suburb of Cincinnati."

"When I knew Riley's life was nearing its end, I wrote him this country song. I am NOT a country singer, but Riley loved country music. This song is about Riley's strength, and the positivity he spread even when he was struggling and in pain."

"After hearing the song, many people asked if I would record it. I've decided to record and sell the song to raise money for Riley's family."

The song is currently in its final mixing stages. Stay tuned for more.

Pick up a copy of Recording Magazine today....

... and see the kind words Paul Vnuk, Jr. had to say in his review of the BOX. Among the list of positive points made in his review, this quote stands out:

"I know this all sounds like hype, but if all you have ever done is worked in the plug-in realm, the sound of a high-end large-format console may blow your mind. Make no mistake, small size notwithstanding, the BOX is absolutely a high-end large-format console."

Well, Paul, we appreciate a comment like that. You can read the entire review on page 12 of the September 2014 issue of Recording Magazine, where he really drives home all the full-studio capabilities the BOX packs into a small, affordable format.

A weekend at the PotLuck Audio Conference

Packed with some choice gear, API is spending the weekend out west. We're at the PotLuck Audio Conference in Tucson, where we're showing off a rack filled with gear, as well as THE BOX. It's the last chance to get your hands on it at a domestic trade show until AES in Los Angeles, so be sure to take it for a test drive if you're here. API President Larry Droppa is also on hand, where he'll speak on a panel titled 'Transistors vs. Tubes: What You Need to Know'. Stay tuned for more.

THE BOX at the Top of its Class

Have you seen the August issue of M Magazine? On page 60 in the 'Top Gear' section, Phil Selman lists the API BOX as one of his top five picks. He cites a "big console sound in a smaller, more affordable package", which attains the recording and mixing console mojo behind major studios around the world. We couldn't agree more. In less than one year, its size and capabilities have gained the attention of artists including Steve Angello (Swedish House Mafia), Eric Prydz, James House, the composers at Heavy Melody Music (NYC), and countless more. Don't just take their word (or Phil's) on it. Schedule a demo today.

API Visionary scholars are hitting the ground rocking for next semester

Congratulations to Evan Klee-Peregon from University of Michigan, Paula Hernández from Middle Tennessee State University, and Ilia Danilov from Daytona State College! These three students submitted outstanding recordings and essays for this years' API Visionary Scholarship, and will each head back to school this fall with part of their tuition covered by API. They seem to have similarities- they love studying audio, and they can't wait to return to school. We were able to catch up with a couple of the scholars during their busy summer breaks.

"I am more than excited for this amazing opportunity from API", said Paula Hernández. "It's been a great opportunity to not only continue my studies, but also┬áto use amazing equipment that I hadn't used before. I am excited to return to school this fall and receive all the teachings from such great faculty." Ilia Danilov shares "I am really honored to be among the winners of API Visionary Scholarship. This scholarship was an opportunity to show my skills, and actually create the best product I can. I really love going to school, I can't wait until I am back in studios at NJC at Daytona State College."

Congratulations to all the winners, and we wish all students the best of luck in their fall semesters.

(From left) Ilia Danilov from Daytona State College, and Paula Hernández from Middle Tennessee State University.

Unprecedented turnout for Saul Walker's week-long seminar in Argentina

API co-founder Saul Walker is back in the states after a highly successful series of lectures at UNTREF, one of several tuition-free national universities in Argentina. Saul initially expected to meet with a small group of students in a classroom, however was amazed as 150 graduate students arrived for his lectures in the university auditorium. The group was eager to learn, even skipping breaks as they wanted to soak up every minute they had with Saul. His lectures translated directly into real-world use, as he had a lunchbox loaded with 500 modules for hands-on demonstrations.

UNTREF is located in a hard-working community where many students earn their degrees while working part-time to help support their families. The Audio Engineering program has a traditional curriculum common to most engineering courses, but also covers the entire electronics and acoustic spectrum from subsonic through ultrasonic. All students are enrolled in a program leading to a master's degree in six to eight years.

Saul calls his experience in Argentina wonderful with lots of warm and friendly people, great food and wine, and a superb appreciation of music and dance. He also tells us that Buenos Aires does in fact have good air.

It's Not Summer without a PotLuck

It's one of our favorite events of the year: the PotLuck Audio Conference. This August, you can stop by the API casita suite at the Hilton El Conquistador Resort in Tucson and check out THE BOX — our latest small-format console innovation. API President Larry Droppa and technical guru Jordan Shirks will be on hand as you get a chance to actually mix with THE BOX, and demo a rack filled with gear. What can be better than that?

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