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API Visionary Scholarship Winner: Jacob Rains

Eight years ago API made the conscious decision to give back to the audio community. Although the company contributes to the industry in many ways, the annual API Visionary Scholarship has been getting increasing attention as the awards continue to flow. Students must be enrolled and continuing to attend an institute of higher education that features a 1608, Vision, Legacy or Legacy Plus console in their program's studio. This year we were able to acknowledge four up-and-coming producers and engineers with awards towards their school tuitions. Now that the new school year is about to begin, we wanted to share a little more about each of the winners with you.

Jacob Rains, a post-graduate student at Middle Tennessee State University, is among the winners of the API Visionary Scholarship. His long term goals in the recording industry include freelance engineering and producing. He likes to keep his producing process as focused on the music as possible, saying that "every decision we make as engineers should be based on what's best for the music. Egos, endorsements, petty politics, and anything else that gets in the way of the music is ultimately the ruination of this form of expression."

Rains' winning submission 'Mexican Standoff' was recorded using the API Vision's 5.1 surround capability. Rains explains: "Stylistically, it's rock with a heavy tinge of electronics, immersed in layers of guitar effects. The song itself was structured from the ground up to be listened to in 5.1 surround, and as such it is one of the more dense productions I've worked on. The drums were recorded to 24 track analog tape. The bass and grand piano were re-amped and processed with several parallel paths to add weight and raw power. The Vision console helped facilitate the sort of clarity and presence that is necessary to make these densely packed, competing harmonic elements sing out, without sounding unduly harsh."

2016's Visionary Scholarship will open for submissions on January 1st, 2016. Submissions will be accepted until April 1st, 2016, and winners will be announced by June 30th, 2016. See more on our other scholarship winners here and here.