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Letter from the President

Dear Audio Professional,

API has a history rooted in the 1960s — the decade when the search for preserving audio quality was at its most frantic. The now-legendary recordings that were made during the '60s and '70s live on today as historic landmarks for the music industry. I am proud to say that API was an integral part of that past and is proud to carry on that tradition.

I was thrilled with the opportunity to acquire API over 20 years ago and have worked hard to reinvigorate the brand, introduce a few new products that integrate well with today's tracking and mixing workflow, and maintain the quality and reliability of API's legacy products. I am but the caretaker of an awesome brand and a dedicated team of audio professionals.

Today API is both pleased and gratified to continue to play a major role in the recording and production of music. We recently celebrated the fifth decade of manufacturing the best audio gear we can as API delivers that same warm analog "magic" that we have been known for since the 1960s.

The "standard" API products like the 512c Mic Preamp, 525 Compressor, the 550A and 550b EQs continue to win listening tests, technology awards, and new fans, while the "newer" products such as the 512v Mic Preamp, 2500+ Bus Compressor, the 527 and 529 Compressors and the phenomenally successful AXS, 2448, 1608, and THE BOX consoles demonstrate just why API gear is involved in so many of today's top recorded projects — everything from production-quality demos to chart-topping hits.

With our long-standing tradition of providing a no hassle, 5-year parts warranty on every product we make, the demand for API continues to increase. I invite you to make an investment in the API tradition, and in turn, I would like to welcome you to the 'API club' of enthusiastic and dedicated Audio Professionals.

Best regards,
Larry Droppa

An Abbreviated History of API

In 1969, Automated Processes Incorporated was formed by engineers and musicians who shared a common vision: to create the highest possible quality professional audio gear, and then back it up with excellent customer service. 50 years later, that vision is stronger than ever and remains an integral part of API's extraordinary success.

Below are a series of landmarks representative of API's contributions over the years to the audio community. We're grateful for the inspired genius of API Founder Saul Walker, and we're grateful for an ever-expanding number of users that recognize the unique value of API. That's why from the largest recording console to the smallest internal components, API continues our tradition of manufacturing the world's best analog recording equipment and offering the audio community our unmistakably warm analog sound.

1967 First API console sold to Apostolic Studios in New York City
1968 API co-founder Saul Walker creates the 2520 Discrete Circuit
1969 Saul Walker pioneers modular design with the introduction of the 500 Series modules
1969 API introduces the 500 EQ—one of the first 500 Series modules
1969 First commercial console shown at AES in the fall of 1969, sold to Sound Ideas
1969 API develops and manufactures first conductive plastic faders
1970 Les Paul purchases one of the first modular API consoles
1971 The 550A is added to the 500 Series
1973 The first computerized console automation systems for the control of fader levels
1974 API produces the first computer-programmable console with automation of EQ, sends, pans and faders. Far ahead of its time, the system was eventually called Total Recall
1974 Saul Walker invents the first Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)
1974 The company develops one of the first tape synchronizer systems
1976 API console is built with red, white and blue knobs to celebrate the bicentennial
1977 Develops first micro-processor based crosspoint intercoms for use in broadcast and production, which become the basis for the discrete series bus assignment system
1983 The 2510 circuit is introduced in the Discrete Series console line
1985 API lunchbox® officially begins production
1991 First console manufactured utilizing touch-screen computer assignment for complete switch reset
1992 First full Legacy console is installed at Green Street
1997 The Legacy Plus console begins production
1999 Larry Droppa of Audio Toys, Inc. (ATI) acquires API
2000 Patented THRUST® circuit is adapted from ATI designs and introduced in the 2500 stereo bus compressor rackmount unit
2003 Large format Vision consoles are introduced, with Vision Automation
2004 Galaxy Studios adds 80 channel Vision console, the largest of its kind ever built to date
2006 API initiates the VPR Alliance, which encourages other companies to develop compatible modules for the 500 Series
2007 Blackbird Studio purchases the largest Legacy Plus console ever built, at 96 channels
2008 API adds the 1608, an updated version of the 1604 console from the 1970s, to the console collection
2008 API successfully trademarks the shape of the control knob on API products
2009 API celebrates during the New York AES with a 40th year anniversary party at the famed Roseland Ballroom
2010 Film and television composer William Anderson of Anderson Scores purchases the 100th 1608 console
2010 The lunchbox® receives official trademark registration
2011 API collaborates with Waves to introduce the first licensed versions of API-modeled software. API software plugins quickly become the best-selling collection in the Waves line.
2011 Automation is introduced for the 1608 console
2011 Universal Audio introduces API-authorized plug-ins
2013 API's smallest footprint console THE BOX® is introduced at AES
2016 API debuts its new large format console, the Legacy AXS, at AES
2017 The 512 and 3124 mic pres are revamped to include the "V" variable output feature
2017 API introduces the groundbreaking TranZformer Series guitar and bass pedals
2018 The 529 Stereo Compressor, API's first dual slot 500 series module, is released
2018 The 1608 console enters its tenth year of constant production
2018 API introduces the 1608-II Console
2018 API introduces the 2448 Console
2019 API celebrates its 50th anniversary
2019 THE BOX Console, with four additional input channels and four additional 500 series slots debuts at the NAMM Show in California
2019 API releases the 550A and 312 50th Anniversary Edition modules with a limited run and gold Faceplate celebrating API's Golden Anniversary
2019 API releases the 862 Channel Strip and the 2500 50th Anniversary Edition modules with a limited run and gold Faceplate celebrating API's Golden Anniversary
2019 API Releases Final TouchTM Automation
2019 API Celebrates Our 50th Anniversary at Sony Music Hall in New York City
2019 API co-founder Saul Walker receives posthumous Technical GRAMMY® Award
2020 550A 50th Anniversary Edition Module and 2448 Console received NAMM TEC Award
2020 API debuts the 2500+ Stereo Bus Compressor
2020 API introduces the 312 Mic Pre in 500 series format
2021 The 2500+ receives NAMM TEC Award
2021 API introduces the 527A Compressor/Limiter
2021 API announces the new API Select Range of products including the tube-based T12 mic pre and T25 Compressor, the SR22 and SR24, as well as the new TranZformer GTR and CMP guitar pedals.
2022 API introduces the MC531 Monitor Controller
2022 API introduces the 3122V 2 Channel Mic Pre