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Two New Products Introduced at AES

On the eve of this year's AES, API is pleased to announce the arrival of two new products to our catalog: The Channel Strip and the New lunchbox®. Both items will be shown throughout the convention at booth #720.

The Channel Strip:
The Channel Strip is made up of a 512c mic pre, our famous 550A EQ, the 527 Compressor and the 325 Line Driver, combining many well-known and highly coveted pieces in one package. Each processing piece can be switched in or bypassed individually and a Flip switch allows the compressor to be placed after the EQ if desired. Additionally, The Channel Strip includes an insert point, sidechain input, multiple metering locations as well as the famous API 2520/transformer combination. MSRP $2995.

See video: API's Jordan Shirks introduces the new Channel Strip.

The New lunchbox:
Our best-selling lunchbox has just gotten a bit of a kick. The re-engineered lunchbox boasts many improvements including an increased power supply current of 215mAmps per slot, the addition of DB-25 connectors for easy input and output connection and XLRs to access channels 7 and 8 of the multipins. The revamped lunchbox also provides individual power rail LED indication and resettable fuses on the power rail of each slot so that one faulty module will not affect the others. An important electrical change is the addition of a 100 VAC Input voltage Tap internal setting, allowing for wider international versatility.

In spite of the numerous changes, the lunchbox's basic design remains true to its roots — it still has six slots available for standard 500 series modules, an internal phantom power supply and rugged steel chassis that define the quality and durability our customers have known and loved for decades. Introductory price $499.