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An API 1608 will serve as the teaching centerpiece of a major recording school at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. The Blackbird Academy will offer three educational curriculums, a Learning Laboratory and over 720 hours of coursework for students to complete. Interior designers Robert and Cortney Novogratz of the HGTV television show, Home by Novogratz, created the design for the classroom space. Two of the eight recording studios at Blackbird have been re-purposed solely for education. Blackbird Academy will host small class sizes and hands-on extensive lab time for accepted students.

Blackbird Studio is owned and operated by John McBride and his wife, award winning country superstar Martina McBride. The program will be co-directed by Mark Rubel and Kevin Becka and has already kicked off with a three-day summer camp that was designed for high school students that ran from July 22-24. The first Studio Engineering Program will begin on September 30, 2013 and run for about 24 weeks.

"We chose the API 1608 for a number of reasons — ease of use, great sound, an excellent tool to teach students signal flow, and also the fact that we have a couple of studios at Blackbird that already have 1608's in them! We are very happy with our 1608's and wouldn't have it any other way!" John McBride