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Unprecedented turnout for Saul Walker's week-long seminar in Argentina

API co-founder Saul Walker is back in the states after a highly successful series of lectures at UNTREF, one of several tuition-free national universities in Argentina. Saul initially expected to meet with a small group of students in a classroom, however was amazed as 150 graduate students arrived for his lectures in the university auditorium. The group was eager to learn, even skipping breaks as they wanted to soak up every minute they had with Saul. His lectures translated directly into real-world use, as he had a lunchbox loaded with 500 modules for hands-on demonstrations.

UNTREF is located in a hard-working community where many students earn their degrees while working part-time to help support their families. The Audio Engineering program has a traditional curriculum common to most engineering courses, but also covers the entire electronics and acoustic spectrum from subsonic through ultrasonic. All students are enrolled in a program leading to a master's degree in six to eight years.

Saul calls his experience in Argentina wonderful with lots of warm and friendly people, great food and wine, and a superb appreciation of music and dance. He also tells us that Buenos Aires does in fact have good air.