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APIAudio Updates Coming Down the (Internet) Pipes wants a facelift, and our tech team has been hard at work bringing that dream to reality. In the next few weeks, the all-new will launch, with updated features and the same classic good stuff inside. Not only will the site look fresh and clean, but it will run more smoothly on tablets and mobile phones so you can get your API fix no matter where you are. The site will start using higher-res photos, specifically geared towards the iPad retina display but generally for the ever-increasing resolutions of computers of all sizes. The console photos in our galleries will soon link to news items we've posted about the gear in the photos, and our new search feature will make it quick and easy to find whatever you're looking for. The site is still under construction, but is set to launch before the AES conference next month. Once it launches, though, we want to hear from you on twitter @thisisAPIaudio and facebook /APIaudio with your thoughts on the changes. Happy surfing!