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Wes Maebe wears many hats: as a Freelance Engineer, a reviewer for Mix Magazine, Audio Pro Intl. and VoiceCouncil, board director for APRS, board member for the Grammy P&E Wing Advisory, and a professional in the fields of recording, mixing, mastering, and Front of House engineering. However, he only wears one ring, and it's his API-inspired wedding ring. No need to read that twice, you had it right. Wes commissioned this ring from Deborah Miller, a former music industry lawyer who now makes jewelry full-time. While Miller came up with the idea of a custom ring related to his industry, Maebe "insisted the faders should be API, based on the console in studio 2 at RAK in London."

The first two faders have the date of the wedding as their positions numbers, and the third fader has the numbers as they appear on the console. He says that his wife was entirely on board with the idea, having "no objections whatsoever." In fact, the ring has opened up even more professional opportunities for Maebe to work with API: "Dave McLaughlin, from Parsons Audio, dragged me to the API booth at AES and introduced me to Dan, Gordon, Mark and Larry. It led to the guys bringing me over to review the BOX for Mix Magazine! Now every trade show I attend where API is there, I'll get taken around by Dan to show people the ring. Everyone especially loves that the faders really move."

He concludes by saying "For me, API is THE sound, and it's part of my everyday life, both sonically and symbolically."