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API Hosts Factory Tour for Future Engineers

Most high school students take field trips to museums or theatres, but a group of electronics students from Glenelg Country School spent their morning at the API factory last week.

These students are learning about how our increasingly electronic world works—and they got to talk to API President Larry Droppa about how the company stays ahead of its ever-developing industry. Droppa showed these students around the facility, sharing with them his instinct from a young age to "take stuff apart, figure out how it worked, and then put it back together again." It is that instinct, Droppa explained, that led to his passion for manufacturing and his acquisition of API over ten years ago.

The students were shown how API products are built from the ground up and tested tirelessly before they are sent out to distributors around the world. At the end of their visit, each Glenelg student had the chance to create a multitrack mix of their own on either an API 1608 or BOX console. The students were encouraged to keep API's Visionary Scholarship in mind when looking for colleges next year.