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Legendary Country Producer Paul Worley Rocks (in a country sort of way) With His 1608

Paul Worley has been a session guitarist, a vice president at Sony BMG, chief creative officer at Warner Bros. Records, and the producer of several legendary country music albums. He has not only worked with the likes of Big & Rich, Lady Antebellum, and Martina McBride, but has earned two Grammys for his production on the Dixie Chicks' Wide Open Spaces and Fly.

Worley purchased his new 1608 console from Kurt Howell at Marshall Graphics Systems, Brentwood, Tennessee, to give Shabby Row, his project/overdub studio, an analog heart.

Worley has long admired the API "sound" and confessed to sometimes running signal through API EQs without any boost or cut, just to impart that "sound" on his signal. "I know it's not 'supposed' to do anything at all," he laughed. "But it does. Everything has a fingerprint, and some are better than others."

"All together, the board is completely awesome. We're totally happy."