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"Wax On" with API

Wally Gagel and Xandy Barry, otherwise known as Wax Ltd., have recorded lots of artists — Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and the Backstreet Boys to name a few — so we couldn't be happier that the two have chosen API's 1608 for their Hollywood studio. Gagel told us that he had had some previous exposure to our premiere console when he rented one to record a single for singer-songwriter Angel Taylor. In fact, he told us that as soon as he heard what the 1608 did to the sound of that session, which consisted of a five-piece band playing at the same time, he knew he had to get his own. Equally impressed with the flexibility and functionality the console offers, Gagel told us that the unit shows forward thinking with everything from the bus architecture to the routing to the 500-Series modular slots. Wax Ltd.'s 1608 now sits in what once was the historic TTG studios, which had recorded Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, Velvet Underground, Neil Young and the like. Knowing what was once recorded in that space and knowing what will now be recorded in that space, we are delighted that our 1608 will be a part of Wax Ltd.'s future.