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If you are old enough to remember,
then you know what to expect;
if you're younger than 30,
then here's how it went:

If you were to drive along any major U.S. highways during the 1920s through 1960s, you very well might pass a distinct series of small road signs that displayed individual lines of a humorous poem followed by a final sign that stated: Burma-Shave. Burma-Shave, an American shaving cream manufacturer, became widely known for these campaigns and as a result has been referenced throughout pop culture over the years.

Well, we thought it was time to bring back a touch of this Americana nostalgia. We've created a new web banner campaign filled with lighthearted, fun and quirky poems about API. If you read them and smile, then we've hit our goal.

Here's the first in our series, which is currently running on