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From the Desk of: One Flight Up Recording Studios

Location: Precinct 75, Sydney, Australia

Owners: Nick Irving; Owner, Producer and Engineer

API Gear List: 32 channel 1608 loaded with 550As, [8] 560 EQs 16 channel 1608 loaded with [12] 550As, [4] 560 EQs.

On the Desk: "Recently we spent a marathon 30 hours over two days recording four different drum kits to reproduce 25 vintage drum samples from old vinyl records. It was certainly a challenge but we pulled it off. This is for a hip hop record featuring a collaboration of musicians from Canada, the U.S. and Australia. I'm sworn to secrecy, though, and can't reveal any names. It's gonna be big!"

"We've spent most of 2015 setting up the new studio: building, furnishing, and installing. He and I are working on a record together in the new studio between client sessions, using all our vintage instruments, mics, gear—the works. It's sounding amazing and I can't wait to get the record finished off and released."

On API: "API gear has that awesome 'punchy' sound that we all know and love from so many classic records. Now that I own and use an API console, I honestly couldn't use anything else. The EQs are amazing; I love that all the buttons on the console light up (great for dim control rooms late at night) and I especially like that the 1608s have everything you need in them, but nothing you don't. Perfect. Everything is better through the API desks."

More About One Flight Up Recording Studios: One Flight Up Recording Studios is one of the top studios in Sydney. Soundproof and acoustically designed, both studios are packed with world-class equipment. In addition to the two API consoles, the gear list includes racks full of classic outboard, an instrument room packed with vintage instruments, and an ever-growing microphone cabinet full of classic microphones. One Flight Up worked with API's Distributor Deb Sloss, who owns Studio Connections in Victoria, Australia to add API consoles to their workflow.
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