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AFTER THE FACT: API 1608 An Increasingly Popular "Beast" Five Years Later

Even though the Netherlands has always been a huge market for 1608 consoles, Creative Director Roeland Jacobs (Wedgeview Music Enterprises) stands out as one of the first in the country to acquire the console. Five years later, Jacobs is still every bit as pleased with what he calls "the Beast", and continues to feature his 1608 as the centerpiece of his studio's workflow.

Formerly a freelance arranger, producer, and keyboard player, it took Jacobs less than a year after opening Wedgeview to realize the missing piece to his studio was the 1608. Thanks to his long-running career, Jacobs understood how critical it was to get the correct sound, and he explains how that realization affected his decision in choosing a console. Citing the "rich and lush sound" of the 1608 as the deciding element, Jacobs said: "For me, all the API gear has this specific, very recognizable sound and I like that sound. Once you hear it, and you are used to it, you won't go back to anything else."

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