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California Drummin' with the API 1608

Sean Moriarty, drummer for the bands "Ryder Buck & the Breakers" and "Zephyr", has added a 32 channel 1608 console to his workflow. While his roots are in rock, hardcore, and punk, the bands Moriarty performs with are R&B (Ryder Buck) and heavy metal (Zephyr). Moriarty's new 1608 complements his workflow and expectations: "I feel my wide range, when it comes to my taste in music, has given me an interesting style behind the set; I can bring fast double pedal work, a tight groove, and a good sense of dynamics to the table." Moriarty's based his studio in the town of La Canada Flintridge, California and purchased his 1608 from Stephen Bannister at Westlake Pro in Hollywood.