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Dressed for the Desert, Vision Sails East

On its journey east, API's newest fully automated, integrated surround 80-channel Vision has already successfully passed several hurdles. With the ultimate destination the Middle East, great care was taken to ensure the console's integrity and condition. Warding off moisture, dirt and sand exposure, impact damage and travel shift, API packaged the Vision with all matters of mayhem and missteps in mind. The console was separated into modules and boxed in cardboard. Each pallet of modules was then shrink-wrapped and vacuum packed before placement into eight specially constructed crates. Tar paper for an additional layer of moisture protection was placed over the sealed modules before the lids were screwed down. Each crate was then buttressed and braced against the sides of the shipping container. The Vision left Norfolk, VA, headed for the Strait of Gibraltar. Its next port of call is Port Said, Egypt.