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Tough-as-nails 212's make songbird sound sweet

Martina McBride played Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA, June 13 and three racks of API's 212 mic pres helped deliver her dynamic, vocal-knockout show. The 36 mic pres output to an all-analog ATI Paragon house console. The setup has been touring with McBride for the last four years. Martina and her husband John are avid API fans. Blackbird Studio, their world-class multi-room facility in Nashville, TN, sports a 48 channel API Legacy Plus in Studio B, The largest Legacy Plus ever built at 96 channels in Studio D, a 32 channel 1608 in Studio H, a portable 16 channel 1608 for use as a sidecar in any Studio and numerous mic pres, EQ's, and compressors available in the other Studios. Outfitting the familiar sound of API into the touring racks on the road just seemed like the logical thing to do.