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Kimleng Audio Fills Demand for API Sound

Jessup, Maryland - Sept. 2010:
Kimleng Audio continues to fill Thailand's demand for the API 1608, having recently sold two more premier analog recording consoles. Founder and owner of Kimleng Audio, Thanong Saeheng, credits the constant appeal to API's all-around attention to detail. "Customers love the benefits they get from using the 1608," said Saeheng, "such as price, size and quality. They also love the flexibility that the 1608 offers with its EQs and compressors because they enable users to pick and choose the right fit for the sound."

Kimleng Audio, API's sole-distributor in Thailand, has been a player in the country's audio production market since 2009. According to Saeheng, Thailand has very few options for consumers when it comes to audio gear. Not satisfied with existing in the status quo, Saeheng became an API distributor shortly after he founded Kimleng Audio.

"We have received excellent responses from many professional audio engineers in regard to the 1608," said Saeheng. "In turn, Thai customers keep searching for that 'API sound,' which then brings them to Kimleng Audio."

"API is delighted to continue to make inroads into the Thai market as part of our overall current strategy to develop the Pan Pacific," said Gordon Smart, API managing director. "We consider Kimleng Audio an important partner and a great resource for our Thai customers."