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API's Dutch Distributor Sells Seventh API 1608

Jessup, Maryland - Dec. 2010:
In just three years of working with API Dutch distributor, Helios Pro Audio Solutions, has sold its seventh API 1608 recording console. Helios, which has been in the professional audio business for more than forty years, is a major competitor in today's market, servicing and consulting all of the major studios and post-production companies in the country.

"Customers love the 1608 because of its punchy, open sound," said Ulmt van der Linden, sales and marketing manager at Helios, "and the fact that such purist audio comes from a console with a great price. We continue to be proud API dealers and are looking forward to our future work together."

The 1608 is a 16-channel, full-featured analog recording console based on API's vintage 1604 desk, which has stayed in demand internationally for more than three decades. The new 1608 is built to the same exacting standards as API's Vision and Legacy consoles. As the region's demand for API's analog recording consoles and modules is ever increasing, API plans to continue to work with Helios Pro Audio Solutions and provide the best collection of gear at the best prices.

"Helios is an outstanding partner with API in Holland, both in the initial sales representation for our 1608 consoles and module products, and with after sales service, support and training," said Dan Zimbelman, director of sales at API. "It's refreshing to have representation that shares our common vision of supplying gear that offers extraordinary value, excellent quality of build, and the best sound possible."

According to Frederic Gervais, Helios' recording account manager, "We think it's a huge benefit that the 1608 allows you to record instruments without any loss in frequencies while still adding a signature sound to the recording. After that, you can pretty much do anything with the audio in the mix stage. When you record with the vintage, dark-sounding equipment, you often have an immediate loss of frequency. Of course we love vintage equipment – and have quite a collection – but our philosophy most of the time is 'record pure and insert vintage, darker tone when needed.' There is no absolute right or wrong, and everyone has his own preference, but it works nine out of ten times for us."