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Brad Englander: "All Roads Lead Back to API"

When Brad Englander was deciding how to expand his gear list to include a console, he was certain about one thing: "all roads led back to API." At the time, he already had four 512cs in an API lunchbox®, but wanted even more of the "same clean and punchy sound," so he turned to the 1608, along with a 2500, for the solution.

Englander owns "Bassmental", a studio he runs from his home in Great Falls, Virginia. The studio works largely with local bands and solo artists, across genres like rock, Americana, blues and country. Englander says he has also recorded children's music, audition recordings for young violinists and cellists, and language training narration sessions. While learning the ropes of his 16 channel, automated 1608, he has been "re-mixing some previously recorded materials and recording narration projects."

When API spoke with Englander, he was excited to be mixing outside the box. "The ability to use analog EQs, compressors and effects processors, rather than relying exclusively on digital plugins, is a new direction for me." Even while phasing in the new console, Englander was already intrigued with his API modules. "I love the sound of the 512c preamps," he says, which was what inspired him to find out more about analog consoles. "I read a lot of reviews, got a lot of advice, and researched the features of a number of consoles. All roads led back to API and the 1608."

Englander has been able to blend his old studio setup with the flexibility of the 1608. "Previously, I used a variety of pre-amps for tracking; the 1608 gives me the ability to track and mix more channels simultaneously using analog EQ's and compressors." While he managed to work with his old setup, he says the 1608 makes things much more efficient, even as he is continuing to learn. "All of my pre-amps and processors are easily patched in. The aux sends are great too. I'm still configuring and learning the automation system; I expect it to be a hugely helpful tool." Englander closed out, letting us know that even the artists "have commented that the cue monitoring and playback have improved since I installed the 1608."