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API 1608 Is Perfect Centerpiece for Non-Profit Studio

Ask Aaron Fry how the API 1608 changed his studio and he will tell you it's the difference between "recording and mixing a great record versus a good record." Fry runs a uniquely non-profit studio called Electric Sun in Sacramento, CA; he purchased the 1608 from Sonic Circus in May, and he says it quickly became the "perfect centerpiece to the studio." Fry uses a variety of API racks as well, including the 3124+, which he says "make great companion pieces" to his new console.

When asked specifically what he likes about the 1608, Fry had a hard time paring down the list. "I like everything! I love that it is so customizable, especially in regards to the EQ section. The automation is just phenomenal. 8 busses is essential for a mixing console. I'm very happy with the routing capabilities, and the instrument inputs are very convenient. I really enjoy the simplicity of the console for how complex it is. Everything is laid out very well." Fry also says that he likes the way the console fits into the studio aesthetically, and thanks API "for designing a magnificent console that is beautiful both sonically and physically."

Electric Sun primarily records artists local to the Sacramento area, specifically rock and acoustic rock, reggae, and electronic music. "The 1608 is the best console for rock music in terms of both recording and mixing abilities," Fry explains, "Great retro design and amazing analog sound." Electric Sun's 1608 has seen a variety of Sacramento musicians: Out of Place, Dust Bowl Dawn, and Liquid Noon as well as studio co-owner and Fry's wife Katie Jane have already recorded on the console, and the list is growing daily.

In addition to recording and promoting local artists, Electric Sun participates in the charitable organization Songs of Love. "One song per month is written for a child...who suffers from some type of illness, disease or disorder. It is an absolute amazing organization. My wife writes those songs and I engineer them. My music is a little too distortion based for children's songs." Fry continues, saying that such an important cause was worth the investment the 1608 required: "I chose API based on a couple of years worth of research. I just want the best of the best in my studio and can thankfully afford it." Unsurprisingly, Fry is tight-lipped about specific upcoming projects, but he promises new material for Songs of love, and from a variety of Sacramento artists, in the upcoming year.