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Pennsylvania School Combines Analog, Digital for "Full Curriculum"

March, 2016; Bloomsburg, PA:
Bloomsburg University has further cemented their reputation as a top-notch music school with the recent acquisition of an API 1608 console. The 1608 is being used to expand students' understanding of full signal path routing upon which most digital plug-in representations are based.

According to Associate Professor of Music Dr. Todd Campbell, the integration of the new console complements the University's already extensive collection of API equipment. Campbell explains that greater access to traditional analog gear helps students lessen their reliance on audio editing software, and instead encourages them to record and mix audio by developing and using their listening skills.

Dr. Campbell also notes that "with the addition of the 1608, students have an opportunity to learn analog theory on an amazing piece of hardware." The 1608 is used primarily for upper-level audio recording classes, "particularly as related to analog signal flow and console automation. It has surpassed our expectations, and it's an amazing and aggressive desk, suitable for a huge variety of applications. Sonics are particularly impressive, and the automation is intuitive and powerful. This assists students in starting and finishing projects of a caliber they could not have otherwise tackled, as the school previously relied heavily on in-the-box, digital solutions rather than hands-on analog hardware. The 1608 makes it easier to bring mixes forward, and to achieve punch and presence without relying on plugins."

Dr. Campbell purchased the school's 1608 through Jeff Green at Sweetwater.