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Award-Winning Gospel/ Christian Contemporary Producer Adds BOX

Nashville, TN April 2016:
Paul Wright III fills many roles—he is a Gospel and Christian Contemporary artist, a writer and multi Grammy-nominated producer. He has also won Stellar and Dove awards, and currently produces film, TV and commercials. If that wasn't enough, Wright is also CEO of his company 360MusicWorx, and continues to work for companies such as Capital and Universal. Throughout his successful career, which now spans more than two decades, Wright says two things have remained constant: first, "for as long as I can remember, I've always had API in my studios", and second, "I've wanted an API desk for years, but I didn't want anything too large."

Enter the BOX, which Wright says "perfectly fits my needs for a small footprint with the big API sound." After researching the console, Wright realized the BOX was the API desk he had been looking for. The console was the correct fit not just for his work space but also his work style—and he didn't have to sacrifice the sound. "Having worked on other API desks, the BOX stands right up to its big brothers sonically." The console, purchased from Danny Watson at Ozark Pro Audio, was installed at the 360MusicWorx studio in Nashville, where it joined Wright's 3124+ and lunchbox®.

Wright describes his space as a "single room facility with an ISO booth—perfect for creating projects on the fly." The studio is kept small on purpose, an effort on Wright's part to downsize and streamline after owning several commercial facilities throughout his career. He also confirms that the BOX has increased his ability to work faster and more creatively, crediting in large part the sheer volume of the feature set packed into the relatively small console. "One of the big deciding factors for me was that it's a full-feature desk with monitor control as well as cues and talkbacks. But the biggest feature for me is the 0dB button, which bypasses the fader, effectively setting it to 0dB while allowing all other channel functions to operate normally."

It's clear that Wright's accolades are well deserved, and his workflow continues at a brisk pace. Only a week after installing the BOX, he says "I've already done a lot of tracking and mixing on it so far, and I'm working on a solo project from Lisa Wright (AsOne)." When asked about any upcoming projects, Wright says his schedule remains packed, and heavily dependent on his new console. "It's an amazing product. It perfectly fits the way I work."