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2500 - 50th Anniversary Edition
  • Limited 50th Anniversary Edition: Only 50 units built
  • New Mix/Blend Circuit
  • "Over Threshold" LED illuminates when input audio crosses the set threshold
  • Patented THRUST® filter with 3 settings for frequency dependent side chain control
  • 3 selectable compressor curve KNEE settings
  • Selectable NEW or OLD type switch for feed-forward or feed-back operation
  • Preset or variable release time control
  • Variable Left/Right link with peak and RMS control voltage filters
  • Selectable automatic or manually variable make-up gain
  • Audio circuit uses 2510 and 2520 discrete op amps with transformer output
  • Premium stereo VU meters show selectable input or output
  • 10-segment stereo gain reduction meter
  • Full hard-wired relay bypass
  • Commemorative serial number plate

Adding to API's line of limited edition 50th Anniversary products, API introduces the 2500 50th Anniversary Edition Stereo Bus Compressor. The 2500 is API's flagship compressor and the 50th Anniversary Edition adds a few unique features to this highly-valued unit including flexible output mix blending, LED gain reduction meters, premium VU meters, and a 2U, gold-faced chassis.

Each 2500 Anniversary Edition is individually serialized denoting its status as part of a limited run of only fifty units. Carefully designed to deliver API's signature analog sound, the 2500-AE delivers warmth, clarity and punch, whether used for subtle adjustments or heavy compression effects.