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i. 512C Preamplifier Specifications
Rear Connector:
   XLR MIC Input
   Balanced 1/4" TRS LINE Input
Front Connector: HI-Z 1/4" Unbalanced Instrument Input (INST)
Gain Range:
   MIC: 14dB min. 68dB max.
   INST: 14dB min. 50dB max.
Maximum Input Levels:
   MIC: +17dBu
   LINE: +36dBu
   INST: +17dBu
Input Impedance:
   MIC: 1500 Ohms
   LINE: 120K Ohms
   INST: 120K Ohms
Clipping Level: +30dBu
LED Peak Indication: +22dBu
Frequency Response: +0.3dB, -0.1dB, 30Hz to 20kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: MIC:-116dB; INST:-102dB
ii. 527A Compressor Specifications
Attack Times: 1 millisecond to 25 milliseconds (typical)
Release Times: 0.1 seconds to 3 seconds (typical)
Compression Ratios: 1:1 to ∞:1
Threshold Control Range: +10dBu to -20dBu
Frequency Response: +/- 0.1dB 20Hz to 20kHz
Signal to Noise: -114dB, 20Hz to 20kHz, no compression
Metering: 10-segment red LED: Gain Reduction scale; -1dB to -24dB
iii. 550A Equalizer Specifications
Insertion Loss: None (bridging)
Frequency Response (No equalization): ±0.2dB 20Hz to 20kHz
Signal to Noise: -111dB, 20Hz to 20kHz, no equalization
iv. 325 Line-Driver Specifications
Output Fader Control Gain: -∞ to +10dB
Clipping Level: +30dBu
Channel Output: +4dBu, Balanced, Low-impedance, Male XLR
Output Impedance: Less than 75 Ohms, Transformer Balanced
Metering: 10-segment LED: dBu scale; -11dBu to +22dBu Switchable between 512C Preamp and 325 Line-Driver outputs
v. Misc
Nominal Mains Power Consumption: 16 watts
Fusing: 500mA Slow Blow
Mounting: Standard EIA rack ears
Cabling Depth From Mounting Surface: 13.5”
Weight: 10lb 10oz
Size: 19" x 11.5" x 1.7", L x W x H
Shipping Weight: 14lb 9oz
Shipping Size: 23.25" x 16" x 6.5", L x W x H
API reserves the right to update or modify any specification listed herein.