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Dustin Bay / Ogden Recording Company

Who:Dustin Bay

What:Ogden Recording Company

Where:Ogden, UT

API Gear:THE BOX® 8 Channel Console

From the Street:

"Once API released the newer model of The BOX in Jan 2019, we knew it'd be the perfect centerpiece for our new analog-based studio. API is well renowned, and we have been long-time fans. The BOX provides intuitive control over monitoring, cueing, aux control and talkback without having to mess around on the computer. Our workflow is a dream now; we're able to work through projects quickly and efficiently. And the analog summing has enriched our sound, making it punchier and more spacious."

"With the 60dB of gain, each preamp is able to handle any microphone we throw at it, even our old ribbons. Polarity problems take mere seconds with the input-by-input phase control along with the master-bus 'Mono' button, and this is all before it ever hits the DAW. Our analog plate and spring reverbs are easily accessible with the AUX outs, and of course the bus compressor is the perfect way to add a bit of punch and glue while mixing or to dial in one of the input channels while tracking."

When making decisions about this studio build out, Dustin worked closely with his sales engineer, Shelby Strunk at Sweetwater, adding, "I cannot say enough good things about Sweetwater; they have a very knowledgeable staff and I doubt our studio would have turned out as nice without their help."

"In short, The BOX was the best way for us to set our studio apart and get the big box sound without breaking the bank," Dustin says. "It's that simple, really. Clients have been blown away. We can't wait until we can afford to daisy chain another one!"

About Ogden Recording:

Ogden Recording Company opened it's doors at the beginning of 2020. Located on historic 25th Street in Ogden, Utah, their mission is to provide a world-class studio in their city atop the Rockies. They believe in having the right tools for the job and this is why they have invested heavily in a versatile mix of vintage and modern hardware in addition to all of their DSP and native emulations and plugins.

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