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Rudy's Studio

Who:Mark Obermeyer

What:Rudy's Studio

Where:Denver, CO

API Gear:512c, 550b, 8200, 3124


In 1998, after a stint at The University of Colorado at Denver's music and recording program, Denver based producer/engineer Mark Obermeyer opened Rudy's Studio to the Mile High City. Two years later, Obermeyer had formed an alliance with local mastering and recording guru Justin G. Preston and has been pumping out some of the loudest and heaviest music in Colorado ever since. The studio is built around a Protools HD3 setup, and utilizes API preamps, EQ's and 7600's and 8200's.

From The Street:

"We specialize in heavier edged music, and have finally found the magic potion for punch and power, — API gear! The API mic pre's are basis for our powerful drums. We've tried so many pre's on drums looking for that elusive "sound", but never found it until we tried the 3124.

"I ordered my second 3124 the day after using my first one on a recording project. It just has this recognizable sound that you hear on so many huge records... Actually, we spent years chasing that sound, trying to create it with EQ and mics and then finally found it with the API 3124 pre's. API is "The Sound" for rock!

"Our 8200 summing units are fantastic. They opened up the whole mix and added clarity, punch and depth. Amazing!! Our mixes just keep getting better — we never imagined that we could get this sweet of a sound! Right now we're loading up a couple of lunchboxes® with 550b EQ's. My goal is to put API EQ's on every channel of summing."

Rudy's Studio is featured in the June issue of EQ Magazine's "Room With A VU".
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