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Question de Son

Who:Jordan Kouby and Fred Vectol

What:Co-Owners of studio Question De Son, Producers, Sound Engineers

Where:Paris, France

API Gear:Studio A: [2] Vintage 554, [2] 550b, [2] 560, [2] 512c

Studio B: [2] Vintage 550A, [2] 550b, [2] 560

From the Street:

"I've tried API on everything I could and discovered what makes this brand so particular. We never buy anything without trying it in working situations first. The API sound and color is so unique. When it fits there's nothing else that you can use, and we've never been disappointed by any API gear we've used."

"I use each module for specific things in my mixes; the three bands on drums or bass, the 550b on guitars or vocals, the 560 on synth and drums. For sure I can use those on anything else, but I've got my habits. The 512s are amazing on kick drum and bass, and also an amazing DI for all kinds of keyboards."

"For recording sessions I use those EQs on any source that needs this particular sound. I'm still surprised about how those EQs can rock the sound and keep it beautiful and low—especially in the low frequencies."

About Question de Son:

The studio has both a recording and mixing room, which makes it a great location for a wide variety of projects. "We work with every kind of label: from major to indie-structures and even self-produced artists. We also regularly work on 5.1 soundtrack mixes. We're working on any style of music with artists or labels which need our studio facilities, gear and engineer skills."

Question De Son has teamed up with French talent like Imany, Rose, Charles Aznavour, Zaz, Feu! Chatterton, Akhenaton, The Do, Club Cheval, Louane, Julien Dore. They have worked with international artists such as Anthony Joseph, Hindi Zahra, Martin Solveig, and Kanye West.

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Contact: +331 48 07 57 51;

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