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Crossroads Recording Studio At Texas Tech University

Who:Amy DeVoge and Damon Dennis

What:Recording Engineer and Studio Manager, Chief Engineer

Where:Lubbock, TX on the Texas Tech University campus

API Gear:[4] 512c preamps, [2] 550b EQs, [2] 560 EQs, and [2] 527 Compressors

From the Street:

"I absolutely love my API 512c preamps, they have a mid-forward sound that I like without sacrificing clarity. You can't go wrong with the 512s for just about anything you might be recording."

"The 550b EQS are responsive and they just sound good. The EQs and Compressors are also very versatile and sound great. I especially like using the API EQs on drums to get the sound I want before I'm inside the box. I frequently track with some combination of API gear."

About Crossroads and Amy DeVoge:

Crossroads is located in the basement of the library at TTU. Its use is limited to currently enrolled students at the university, as well as faculty and staff, who may all enjoy the studio for free. There are two staff recording engineers, including DeVoge. Crossroads has been in operation for three years now, and in that time has become "a very popular service at the library", DeVoge explains.

DeVoge studied at South Plains College, where she graduated in 1993. "At that time we were recording to 2-inch tape and mixing to 1/4 inch." She then worked at Brazos Studios "where I got a lot of experience and mentorship. We had some really great rooms where we recorded and mixed with an analog console." Later, DeVoge toured with Glen Campbell as his front of house engineer. Then she moved back to Lubbock, where she started work on building Crossroads.

More: Social media; Facebook, Soundclound, Instagram
Contact: Phone: 806-834-2345; email:; Twitter

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