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Who:Chad Quist

What:Producer, Engineer, Owner: CQ Productions

Where:North Hills, California

API Gear:550b, 525

From the Street:

"Hearing the gear being used in studios over the years, and using the plug-in versions made me want to also get the hardware versions in my studio."

"API stands out from the crowd when I want to get that certain punch that it delivers so well. My API has allowed me to get a track to really stick out in the mix."

"I like the ceiling function on the 525 compressor because you can change the amount of compression without changing the output level."

About CQ Productions and Chad Quist:

Owner Chad Quist says CQ Productions sticks to "mostly singer/songwriter projects and pop/rock." The studio records guitar sessions, records, demos and does mixing all on site. Quist says he's been hearing about and using API "for as long as I can remember." He uses his 550b and 525 for "my main vocal and guitar channel."

Chad Quist is a Bay Area native who attended Berklee College Of Music in Boston (home of three API Legacy Plus consoles). He worked as a live and studio guitarist as well as a writer, producer, and vocalist in the Seattle area for over twenty years. He has toured the US and abroad with Big Brother and the Holding Co. (of Janis Joplin fame), and has performed live with Dan Akroyd, and Kenny G, and has opened for such names as Ray Charles, Pat Benatar, Steve Miller, Huey Lewis, Diana Ross and Jamie Foxx.

Dealer/Distributor: Zen Pro Audio
Contact:; Twitter

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