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Clemson University Audio Technology Studios

Who:Bruce Whisler

What:Director of Audio Technology

Where:Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina

API Gear:lunchbox®, two channels of 550b EQs, and a 3124+ preamp

From the Street:

"We decided on API because of its reputation for sound and quality. Also the modular design has allowed us to bring more analog processing into our studios, which were first set up as all digital in 2002. We've found API gear rugged and easy to service."

About Clemson University Audio Technology Studios:

The Clemson University Audio Technologies Studios are used mostly for "student projects—a lot of rock and country, but also some urban, jazz and classical," says Director of Audio Technology Bruce Whisler. The studio has worked with Emily Lynch, Jerry Jacobs, Chris Branch, and the Tim Reim band. They use their preamps "most often on drums or bass." This summer, the studio has been tracking and mixing a CD of the Clemson University Faculty Jazz Combo, as well as a CD of the Clemson University a capella group TigeRoar.

Whisler says his curiosity has been piqued by the smaller footprint of the BOX. "If we were upgrading one of our control surfaces I would look seriously at that unit." Clemson has on-campus facilities for both live sound and music production. Prospective students can find more information here:

Dealer/Distributor: Front End Audio (Columbia, South Carolina) and Zen Pro Audio (Orangeburg, South Carolina)
More: Website
Contact: 864-656-0172;

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