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Who:Arne Louison

What:Engineer, Guitarist, Music Lover, Owner; Montabon Sound

Where:Saratoga Springs, New York

API Gear:8-slot lunchbox®, 512c preamp

From the Street:

"You name the source and I have tried the API 512c on it with fantastic results. It's built like a tank and the sound is just amazing."

"The sound of API is so unique that it is tough to compare. I have tried clones in the past and it just wasn't the same as the real thing. The thing that stands out above all is I am able to get 'that snare sound' that I had been trying to achieve for years without much tweaking."

About Arne Louison and Montabon Sound:

Founded in 2006, Montabon Sound fuses vintage sound with modern equipment. Using time-tested techniques and a lot of experimentation, Montabon's staff achieves a unique sound to complement their clients' vision. The studio works with every kind of artist, "from singer/songwriters to multiple piece bands. Right now, metal is huge in our area." In the upcoming months, Louison says "29 Counts is ramping up to start preproduction on their third studio release. We will also be mixing and assisting in tracking a couple songs for Black Iron Prison." The 512c gets used largely to record snare drums, but is also frequently used on "guitars, vocals, and bass."

Dealer/Distributor: Sweetwater
More:; Facebook
Contact: 1 518 669 3842;

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