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Barrie Gledden and Studio b

Who:Barrie Gledden

What:Composer/ Producer/ Guitarist/ Studio Owner

Where:Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England

API Gear:48 channel 1608, (8) 550b, (5) 560

From the Street:

About his 1608: "I love the super fat transient rich sound and ease of use (no complicated OS to learn). The clever self-contained automation, and 500 series slots and absolutely KILLER looks."

"From day one, track one, it instantly transformed and enhanced my sound. Tracking through it is effortless—everything is bigger both tonally and spatially. Mixing on it I'm finding that I do less EQ and processing. The 1608 'shapes' the sound so beautifully it allows me to fully concentrate on the emotion of the mix."

"I love the 560's on kick and snare, they are so quick and easy to use. My favorite console EQ is the 550b for its large choice of frequencies and solid up-front punch, especially on dirty guitars."

Advice to those considering a 1608 of their own: "Do it. Don't even think about it. It's not just a great piece of tech—it's a wonderful creative instrument."

About Barrie Gledden and Studio b:

As a freelance composer and guitarist, Gledden always had an interest in the recording and producing process. He found himself increasingly behind the desk recording and mixing for bands such as the Kaiser Chefs and The New Mastersounds. He worked for a time as a recording engineer in Nashville before returning to England and putting down roots with his own studio.

Barrie loves exploring a variety of musical genres as both a producer and composer.

As of April 2015, Gledden has produced almost 1300 tracks. He has worked exclusively for Audio Network for 14 years, contributing to the soundtracks of thousands of TV programs, films, video games, and trailers world-wide. His credits include the Oscar-winning film Her, and the award-winning BBC show Orphan Black. He has worked on advertising campaigns and programming for BBC, NBC, Warner Bros, Disney, Nintendo, Burger King, Vodafone, and countless other networks and companies.

The Studio b acoustic space is designed by Munro Acoustics, and features classic equipment from the legendary Sound City studio in Los Angeles. The latest and most important addition to the studio is the centerpiece 1608, featuring 32 channels of automation and 48 channels total. The console "allows Barrie to provide a unique audio styling to all his recordings." Gledden purchased his 1608 and 500 series modules through Vintage King Audio.

More:; Facebook; Audionetwork (barrie-gledded_12)
Contact: Twitter

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