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Hyde Street Studios

Who:Jack Kertzman and Nathan Winter

What:Co-managers and House Engineers

Where:San Francisco, CA

API Gear:API 500 VPR 10-Slot Rack, [6] API 550b, [4] API 560

From the Street:

"I started using API EQs for their classic, natural sound. They are almost always in my chain for vocals, guitars, and drums when I record in Studio D here at Hyde Street. The 550Bs are great for their proportional Q feature. If I'm boosting or cutting by a small amount they have a nice, wide, natural sounding bandwidth, but if I want to go deep with them, they can really notch out a narrow frequency range." — Jack Kertzman

About Hyde Street Studios:

Hyde Street was founded in 1980, and is the longest running multi-room recording facility in San Francisco. It operates two large analog tracking/mixing studios, as well as space for electronic production and audio-post production. Since its founding in 1980, Hyde Street has produced records by award-winning artists like Train, Cake, Green Day, 2Pac, Dead Kennedys and others. The studio includes a vintage microphone and outboard gear collection, as well as an original echo chamber.

More: Website; Facebook
Contact: 415-441-8934;

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