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Actiondale Recording Studio

Who:Samuel Rees

What:Engineer, Director of Mastering Services

Where:Annandale, VA

API Gear:[2] 512b, [2] 550b, lunchbox®

From the Street:

"Our 512b preamps are the regular choice for kick and snare duty while tracking bands and for vocals, but we really use them for all sorts of things. We have plenty of other preamp options to choose from, but we really like our 512s."

"API's reputation speaks for itself, and the 500 Series format is extremely appealing. We've used gear from all of the classic brands and API stands out. API isn't famous for just one thing, their preamps, consoles, compressors, and EQs are all fantastic and their designs have held up to the years without having to add flash to keep people interested."

"I love the balance API gear often strikes between having the possibility of pleasant vintage saturation, and modern demands like cleanliness and low noise. It'll get just dirty enough, and just clean enough. I also love API's stepped controls on almost everything. It makes the gear extremely recallable. Quick recall is demanded by both our clients and the bottom line."

About Actiondale Recording:

Established in 1997, Actiondale is one of D.C.'s premier independent studios. Actiondale offers the big studio experience in a smaller package with world-class gear and service. While they record a variety of genres, they specialize in rock and blues music.

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