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Who:Robert Ruccia

What:Chief Engineer, Uptown Recording

Where:Chicago, IL

API Gear:500V 10 space rack, [4] 512C preamps, [4] 550B EQs, [2] 525 compressors

From the Street:

"Our 500V rack allows us to have a mini API console and track some of the most important sounds through it. It's my go-to box for drums, percussion, horns and strings. The sound and flexibility of the 512c preamps along with our 550 EQs make for great tracks on the way in."

"If source is 80% of the mix, these APIs are 90% of my source. I know the sound will stand up with little or no doctoring in the mix. If doctoring is needed I use the EQs and compressors as hardware inserts within Pro Tools, giving me a hybrid of in and out of the box mixing."

"The 525 compressors are some of the best sounding and smoothest compressors I've used. When used as limiters they slam things in the right way."

"Great sound and flexibility make choosing API a no brainer."

About Uptown Recording:

Ruccia sums up the studio like this: "Being a modern studio with a vintage heart, we combine the best analog outboard with the latest state-of-the-art digital equipment to make the best sounding recordings." Uptown consists of two full studios, each with two isolation rooms and several amp closets. Founded in 1995 on the basis of "musicians working for musicians", the studio has recorded major contemporary performers such as Madina Lake, Nonpoint, and Ingrid Michaelson. Uptown Recording purchased their API gear through Guitar Center Pro.

More: Website; Facebook
Contact: Phone 773-271-5119; email; Twitter

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