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Who:Sean Giovanni

What:Owner, Producer, Engineer

Where:Nashville, TN

API Gear:[6] 512cs

From the Street:

"API offers a punchy tone, while having the versatility to achieve a clean or aggressive recording. Our API gear has rarely needed any work, and it is reliable for a wide range of applications."

"If I am looking to capture a clean, transparent vocal with great definition, the API 512c is my go to preamp. Similarly, in cases where we need to get a quick recording done, and don't have the time to shoot out different options, I can rely on the 512c to give me a true response that I can color on the backend if needed."

"I really enjoy the versatility I can get out of the 512c. Last week we used the pre to capture a big, clean female pop vocalist, and also got incredible results by cranking the gain on a gritty, male blues artist."

"When tracking guitars, we often use the 512c in combination with a darker pre to allow us to blend the definition and meat of the tone in the mix."

About The Record Shop:

The Record Shop is a two studio production facility with tracking rooms, iso rooms, Pro Tools HDK and a wide array of analog outboard gear. Artists who have recorded using the 512cs at The Record Shop include Zak Wylde, Big & Rich, John Legend, and Tim Mcgraw.

More: Website; facebook, tumblr, Instagram
Contact: 248-207-4975;; Twitter

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