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Ghost Ward

Who:David Castillo

What:Owner/ Producer/ Mixer/ Engineer

Where:Stockholm, Sweden

API Gear:[2] 3124+, a lunchbox®, [2] 512cs, and [2] 312As

From the Street:

"My favorite part about API is the punch! The fact that it's built with high quality parts, resulting in less service and break downs, is a close second. These elements for me are key to pro gear and what I look for both as a studio owner and producer."

"API pres are my number one choice for drum tracking. Nothing can beat the API punch which I love so much for drums in particular. And the high quality these units stand for is just astonishing!"

About Ghost Ward:

Ghost Ward is based around one single control room. The large live room is surrounded by four iso booths, making it ideal for tracking bands. The studio records both to tape, and digitally. Since the studio door opened in 1999, they have recorded and mixed huge Scandanavian bands such as Amorphis, Katatonia and Soilwork, as well as international superstars like The Hives, Timbaland and Justin Timberlake.

More: Website; facebook; Instagram
Contact: Phone: +46 739 125 326; email; twitter

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