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Who:Antonio Fini

What:Studio Owner/ Engineer

Where:Parma, Italy

API Gear:3124+, [2] 550bs, [2] 6-slot lunchboxes®, 2500

From the Street:

"When you buy API you buy quality. There's a lot of attention to detail in quality control, materials, and of course to sound!"

"Nothing comes to my mind better than the 550b when I need an EQ for drums. It can give a nice edge to the high frequencies but also a fat bottom to the low end. When you combine it with the smack you can take from the 2500 Bus Compressor it's like heaven in a second!"

About Tonelabo:

Fini calls the studio a "professional home studio" which he founded in 1998. "I have a mix/recording room and plan to have different rooms in the near future as well. The gear I use has been carefully chosen over the years." Since founding Tonelabo, Fini says his appreciation for high-quality gear has grown along with his understanding of professional audio.

More: Website; facebook, Instagram
Contact: Phone: +393200298057; email

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