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Gasoline Alley Recording Studio

Who:Jerry Gaskins

What:Chief Production Engineer

Where:Tallahassee, Florida

API Gear:[2] 512b, [2] 550b, lunchbox®

From the Street:

"My API 512b preamps are my favorite go-to front end for snare drums and electric guitars. They provide just the right amount of texture with an edge. Their presence cannot be overlooked nor denied! They breathe life into everything tracked with them."

"The API lunchbox (with two 512b preamps and two 550b EQs) is the perfect front end."

"The best part about API is the sound, the 'edge' it has, the richness of tone. If someone was thinking of buying API, I'd simply tell them 'You won't be disappointed!'"

About Gasoline Alley:

Gasoline Alley is a full production and recording studio featuring a Live Room, Isolation Room, Control Room with seated viewing area, lounge, and a private bathroom, complete with shower. The building was originally constructed as a recording studio in the late 1970s, and Gasoline Alley moved in in December 2012, where Gaskins says he's partial to electronic music, and interested in innovative music projects and artists.

"It's safe to say that 95% or more of the projects recorded here have used API gear in some way."

More: Website
Contact: Phone: (850) 575-4277; email

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