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Magic Elf

Who:Carl Roa and Dave Miranda

What:musicians, Magic Elf

Where:New York

API Gear:225L's, 235L's, 550A's, 550b's, 3124+'s, 2500's, 5500, 200 and 500 series racks

From The Street:

"API gear is essential to the heavy signature sound of Magic Elf.

"The API 3124+ pre/DI unit has an aggressive vintage vibe without sacrificing transient response. Maximum kick is retained for powerful life-like recordings.

"The API 550A eq is smooth, thick and creamy. It's very 'analog' and incredibly musical, the ultimate icing for digital tracks.

"The API 550b eq is less colored but still possesses the classic API 2520 op-amp character and classic API 'Proportional-Q' curve. We run the bass and drums through 550bs for punch, and run guitars and vocals through 550As for density. We often strap an API 5500 stereo eq on our mix buss too. The end result is simply MONSTROUS.

"The API 225L compressor is the ultimate secret weapon. Don't be fooled by its small size, the 225L is incredibly powerful and musical, we use them on everything now. Another nice feature is that you can fit 12 channels of compression into a mere 2-rack spaces!

"The API 2500 buss compressor is the only compressor we've ever experienced that can handle ANYTHING thrown at it, with ease and finesse. The THRUST® feature is simply indispensable for buss duties.

"After trying just about every respected analog gate unit in existence, we concluded that the API 235L gate / expander is the only gate currently produced that not only gates well but also SOUNDS good. It's the only gate we'd ever trust in sonically critical situations.

"API gear provides a perfect blend of functionality, flexibility and killer sonics. API is THE sound of rock and roll!!!"

About Magic Elf:

Magic Elf is an instrumental hard-rock progressive fusion trio from New York. The band was founded in 1983 by guitarist Carl Roa (also of the Carl Roa Band, Treehouse) and drummer Dave Miranda (also of Six and Violence, Ludichrist), releasing several self-produced albums to date. Roa and Miranda, in addition to heading their own record label, Big Shoe Music, also head Elf Studios, a multi-location and sometimes mobile music production operation. Services include production, composition, performance, consultation, recording, mixing and mastering. The Magic Elves have just embarked on another original band project with famed vocalist and guitar player, Regi Hendrix, cousin of Jimi Hendrix.

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