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Alan Vukelic Studios

Who:Alan Vukelic

What:Music Producer/ Mixing Engineer

Where:Baden-Baden, Germany

API Gear:The BOX, 3124+, 2500, L200, [6] 550A, [2] 550b, [2] 560, [2] 525, [2] 225L, [4] 6-slot lunchbox®, [2] 500V 10 space rack, [2] 512c

From the Street:

"The BOX is the best unit that I've ever used for summing. It sounds awesome. It's actually the sound that I was looking for in the first place. All the summing solutions from other brands that I've used throughout the years were pretty subtle, but the BOX sounds like a real console. It's really amazing."

"When summing I use the first 4 mic pre channels as the effects returns to get two mono and one stereo parallel compression signals. To me, parallel compression inside the box with hardware inserts sounds wrong. The API BOX makes it sound right—tight and punchy. I simply love it. I feel the same about using hardware inserts in Pro Tools on the busses. To me using the hardware inserts on the busses in the API BOX sounds amazing compared to in the box. When being in the box, you're always limited with the converter that you're using. In analog, there is no conversion. To me, this makes a huge difference."

"I love the tone of all the API gear."

About Alan Vukelic Studios:

Vukelic's studio is located at his home in the countryside of Baden-Baden, Germany. He has three rooms—a recording room, mixing room, and machine room. The total size of the studio is 1,000 square feet. Vukelic records all genres of music, including rock, pop, R&B, and EDM. He has worked with Loona, Magic Affair, Dante Thomas, Rafet El Roman, and Mickie Krause among others. After his recent purchase of the BOX in October 2015 from ES-ProAudio, Vukelic has already recorded tracks for The Weather Girls and Jimmie Wilson using the console. Vukelic is currently producing German punk rock band King Kong's Deoroller, and next up are full album recording projects with Andy Ost, The Weather Girls, and Ferdinand Rennie.


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