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Ohio Recording Co.

Who:Brennan Willis

What:Studio Owner/ Producer/ Musician/ Songwriter

Where:Fremont, Ohio

API Gear:1608, [12] 550A, [4] 560

From the Street:

"So far we've used the 1608 for drums, guitars, bass, piano, etc. We are making the most of our console every session."

"What made me decide on the 1608 was the sound, but also the reputation. API is a brand that I am happy to own and be affiliated with."

"I like that with the 1608, I can add 500 series modules to customize to my taste. Being able to patch modules in various configurations allows for adaption to any scenario."

"Before having the 1608, I always had to use a myriad of different gear when recording drums or full band sessions. It was always a challenge getting a cohesive sound. I will never forget recording drums through the 1608 for the first time. It just has this big punchy sound. The way everything sits together across multiple tracks is when it's most noticeable. The EQ's are great for tightening a snare, fattening a kick sound or really anything that needs a little something extra."

About Ohio Recording Co.:

The Ohio Recording Co. is a professional recording business in Fremont, Ohio with two studios on the premises. The centerpiece of the Studio A control room is a fully analog 16 channel 1608 console purchased from Vintage King Audio and installed by Mike Rhodes of Skinny Fish Audio. Some artists Willis has recorded on the 1608 so far include Bliss Nova, Brian Papazian, Beauty In Brevity, The Chapel Praise Team, Matt Roy, and Jamo Sheely.

ORC was formed in 2015, and is a continuation of Willis' home studio business, Rewire Media, which started in 2009. Though Willis worked out of just two small rooms in his house to tackle a high volume of oftentimes large projects, his hard work and diligence paid off, as one of his many clients recognized his skill and determination and decided to invest in Willis' vision of owning a recording studio.

In 2015, Rewire Media became Ohio Recording Company, and though Willis' new multi-studio space has a polished and sophisticated shine, it is built on the same grit and work ethic he put into his initial home studio.

"Even in the most unlikely of circumstances, all the work you put forth—that may have seemed somewhat insignificant—can mean something. I dreamed about owning an API console and it happened," Willis says.

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