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Skeleton Studios / Teleportation Records

Who:Jason Dragon and Kraig Tyler

What:Jason Dragon: Owner & Producer, Kraig Tyler: Chief Engineer & Producer

Where:Los Angeles, California

API Gear:[2] 560B, [2] 512c, 3124, 3124+, [2] 560d

From the Street:

Jason Dragon:
"We are proud to feature vintage, modern, and virtual API pieces in our studios. API continues to create uncompromising tools which are difficult to match for clarity and tone. Client satisfaction is rarely higher than when we apply API in the mix. What I like best about API gear is the astounding fidelity and straightforward architecture inside and out."

Kraig Tyler:
"We've chosen our API gear because it sounds incredible. I like to work quickly, and API enables me to translate my thoughts into sound in an intuitive manner. The gear is very reliable, and sounds great when applied on all sources. Whether destruction or finesse is required, API allows me to get exactly what I need."

"I use the 560Bs on kick and snare. The 3124+s are perfect for pianos, organs, toms, and overheads. The 512cs work magic with a wide variety of our microphones."

About Skeleton Studios:

Skeleton Studios was founded in 1988, and has offered audio services and solutions in Los Angeles, New York City, London, San Francisco, and Boston. Skeleton Studios contains two main recording spaces: Studio One and Studio Two. Both studios contain control rooms and live rooms that offer unique, class A equipment and visually rich creative atmospheres. In keeping with their studio philosophy which takes an unbiased approach to technology in order to manifest the highest fidelity recordings, Skeleton Studios employs an array of vintage equipment as well as the latest technology. In addition to a wealth of API modules, Skeleton Studios features the Otari Sound Workshop Series 34 40-channel console.

Studio Owner and Producer Jason Dragon was in demand as a composer and songwriter for years before relocating to the UK to work as an artist with Daniel Miller, Gareth Jones, Andy Gray, Bob Kraushaar, Lee Fraser, and other legendary producers. After two years in London, Jason returned to the US to focus on music production.

Chief Engineer and Producer Kraig Tyler was the guitarist and producer for the band Crazy Town, whose song "Butterfly" reached #1 in 14 countries, before returning to the studio and working as a producer and writer with artists like The Plain White T's, Hollywood Undead, Hilary Duff, and countless others. Tyler was also Co-Founder of The Pharmacy production company, and the Score Producer of TV shows such as Drag Race High and Burnout on MTV. He heads Liquid Giraffe, an electronic collective that has played most of Southern California's largest festivals.

Skeleton Studios has recorded Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Prince, The Strokes, and many others using API gear. The team features Grammy-winning, multiplatinum-selling producers, engineers, and session artists. The studio welcomes established clients and emerging artists.

More:,, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
Contact:, phone: (323) 594-3113.

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