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Who:Yisroel Laub

What:Audio Engineer/ Producer/ Singer

Where:Jerusalem, Israel

API Gear:The BOX

From the Street:

"The Box had been a dream of mine for a few years. But when I heard my friend Oren Alsheich at AudioLab in Tel Aviv had one in stock, I had to go and demo it. To make a long story short, I bought The Box after 20 minutes of demoing it. The tone totally blew me away."

"The Box was everything I was looking for. It didn't just give my studio a professional sound, it gave it a professional look and status. Clients respect the studio more because of The Box."

"I've had The Box now for a few months and I still get excited every day turning it on and waiting to hear that API sound!"

About Yisroel Laub and LittleBoxRecords:

The talented Producer/ Singer Yisroel Laub opened his own studio LittleBoxRecords in Jerusalem only a few years ago. He has already collaborated with top artists in Israel including Nissim Black, Gad Elbaz, and DeScribe. Adding to his resume is the music video for Nissim's "A Million Years," which has over one million hits on YouTube.

Yisroel has a Mixing & Mastering degree from His teachers include Ariel Borujow, Daniel Wyatt, and Ricardo Rodriguez.

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