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Who:David Pollock and Rich Haugen

What:David Pollock: Head Engineer and Studio Manager, Rich Haugen: Owner

Where:Oregon City, Oregon

API Gear:32 channel 1608 console, The BOX console, 2500, [7] 550B, [3] 560, L200 Rack; [3] 212L, [4] 225L, [2] 235L, 3208 console

From the Street:

"The 1608 is fully featured and very flexible, which are must-haves for us, as we were making a transition from a very powerful console—the API Legacy Plus. So, we couldn't lose a whole lot of features that we had come to enjoy with the Legacy Plus."

"API as the brand of console was a no-brainer."

"We chose The BOX for Studio B because it has an excellent sound and great useful features, especially for the price. Having API consoles in both studios has made sense to us for a long time, but it was never realistic until The BOX came out. We realized that in order to do any kind of session we wanted in the B room, including fully analog 2 inch tape sessions, we didn't need a full sized console with tons of faders... we mostly just need the best sounding mix buss we can get."

"I love how The BOX really sounds like a full size API console when you put it through familiar situations (summing a digital mix, hitting the mix buss at various levels, etc). Also, the fact that it has all necessary control room features, plus an input to specifically add another summing mixer's output into The BOX's mix buss, is awesome."

"A great thing about the 1608 is that you can really jump in quickly and figure out how to use it the way you want to, so the console is getting out of the way and just letting you work. We want to offer a creative environment where bands and producers/engineers can come in for a couple days or a week and not have this huge learning curve by being overwhelmed by options."

"In order to keep the ship afloat, it was essential that we provide a console that is easy to use, sounds great, and is unlikely to see any major technical issues for several years".

About Supernatural Sound:

Supernatural Sound was founded in 1997. Studio A is best known for drum recording, full-band isolated live tracking, as well as strings and horns. Studio B is a separate building that features unique dimensions and custom-built panels for diffusion and absorption. The studio just finished building a new bunk-room cabin that sleeps five people and also serves as a comfortable, private space away from the session.

Supernatural Sound hosted an API Legacy Plus for over 10 years, and has now started a new chapter with two brand new API consoles with a variety of 500 series module flavors. Supernatural Sound has seen the likes of artists such as The Shins, The Decemberists, The Thermals, Bright Eyes, and Isaac Brock.

More:, Facebook, Instagram.

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