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Who:Julien Maurel & Sébastien Petit

What:Julien Maurel: Creative Director, Sound Engineer, Sébastien Petit: Music Director, Sound Engineer, Label Manager

Where:Paris, France

API Gear:32 channel 1608 console, [4] 550A, [4] 550b, 2500

From the Street:

"We chose the 1608 for our studio because of its quality, versatility, and reputation."

"The 1608 is an ergonomic console with a sound that stays very sharp—very high level outputs, and the low end and high end are very precise."

About Sodasound:

Sodasound studio was founded in 2011, and produces recordings of all kinds and for all types of media. The Sodasound operation encompasses a recording studio, artistic direction of public and private events and a music label, among others. Sodasound studio has two rooms; Studio A houses the 1608 console, preamps, EQs and hardware effects processors, and Studio B is used for 5.1 mixing and recording vocals and instruments. Sodasound added a 1608 to their studio in 2016, purchased through Tiger Audio, and since then, Maurel and Petit have been busy tracking and mixing a variety of artists on the console. Sodasound focuses on producing modern, rap, dance, electronic, and pop music.

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