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Who:Carson Thielen and David Hart

What:Carson Thielen: Engineer, Producer, Studio Owner and Founder, David Hart: Engineer, Producer, Co-Founder

Where:New Orleans, LA

API Gear:16 channel 1608 console, [12] 550A, [4] 560, [2] 527

From the Street:

"Since we've gotten the 1608, things have started changing for our studio pretty quickly. The schedule booked up as soon as the console came in!" —Carson Thielen

"With the 1608's drum sound, all of a sudden our room sounds ten times bigger." —David Hart

"As soon as we started working with the 1608, the improvement was immediate. The drum sound was punchy, work flow improved, and it really did so much more than we thought it would." —Carson Thielen

"I can turn the knob now and hear the difference, and the API sound through the monitors. It changes how I approach producing." —David Hart

"One of the primary reasons we decided to go with API, is their reputation for quality and attention to detail, and that resonated with what we wanted our company to represent." —Carson Thielen

About Bear America Records:

Bear America Records was formed in 2012 by Carson and Morgan Thielen and David Hart, and serves not only as a recording studio but also space for screen printing, web and graphic design. Morgan runs the art department, while Carson and David handle the recording side of the business. Some artists Carson and David have recorded on the 1608 so far include Big Freedia, Boyfriend, Pell, Sweet Crude, Maggie Koerner, Coyotes, and Motel Radio, among others. David and Carson say that clients are comfortable and enjoy recording at Bear America as the studio is in an old New Orleans house. "It's starting to grow into one of those studios with a signature sound and vibe," says David. "And the 1608 played a big part in that. It's helped us create our own Bear America sound."

More: Facebook, Instagram
Contact:, (504) 875-4927

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