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Zona Recording Studio

Who:John Zona

What:Recording Engineer

Where:Long Island, New York

API Gear:32 channel 1608

From the Street:

"API, API, API — first the Box, then the 1608, now the 3208! My most recent upgrade came from a desire to be able to monitor through the Radar System. The 3208 pairs beautifully with the Radar System and the ease of use makes the entire workflow efficient and quick. I especially appreciate being able to drive the pre-amps more when I am in Radar mode. Now, I can have up to 32 eq's, instead of 16."

About Zona Recording Studio:

Zona Recording Studio is now the only recording studio in Long Island, New York with the API 3208. This, along with John Zona's innate and impeccable ear to masterfully mix and remix tracks, really makes Zona Recording Studio the choice for anyone seeking excellence. John also brings to the table years of experience as an accomplished drummer, bass guitarist and composer.

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